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TWC aims to provide the people of today with tailor made intimate and hygiene products, customized for and embracing the changes of their bodies while being mindful of the depleting environment. We hope to create an eco-conscious consumer, who is mindful of the kind of products that they use and desires to leave a better planet for their children and grandchildren.

Did you know that a single non-organic regular sanitary pad is 90% plastic and contains plastic amounting to approximately 4 plastic bags and takes up to 250-800 years to decompose?

All of this plastic ends up in landfills, where it stays for centuries without decomposing, adding to the microplastic pollution.
The United States generated  35.7 million tonnes of plastic in 2018 out of which only 3.1 million tonnes were recycled. That's only 8.7% of the total plastic waste generated! Can you imagine what that number would be given that a person's menstrual cycle lasts approximately 35 years, taking into account an average of 166 million menstruators (only in the US)?

Other than the concern of overuse of plastic, did you know that the chemicals used in non-organic pads pose serious dangers to health and can also cause cancer?

Making the switch to healthier, sustainable, and safer options may sound like a challenge at first but it really does make a difference in the long run. While we have a long way to go in terms of educating all menstruators around the globe; YOU can make an important switch to the healthier, better, and safer option. Try educating your close ones and telling them why they need to proactively start making the right choice!