Our Purpose – The Woman's Company North America
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To create and provide you

with safe, intimate wellness and hygiene products; customised for and embracing the changing phases of the human body; while being mindful of the depleting environment.
Our Story

It all began with a question

Do the current offerings in the market cater to a person's life cycle?

The answer was no. Every company sold standard menstrual products - whether they were a 12 year old or a 45 year old. 

So, where did we start?

Well, we decided to do this step by step. We started with intimate hygiene products. And that led us to an appalling discovery that most over the counter menstrual hygiene products are loaded with chemicals that do more harm to our bodies and environment; than provide us with the convenience we are looking for. These single use products do even more damage to the environment because they are made from inorganic, non-biodegradable material which will be left in landfills for centuries to come.

Additionally the chemicals in these products impact health and have links to PCOD, Endometriosis and even certain cancers. We care. And so should you.

There had to be a better way.
Anika Parashar,
Founder & CEO

Recipient of the Pride of India Award 2017, TedX speaker, Chairperson of ORGAN India, with 20+ years of corporate experience. Anika was featured in India's 50 Women of Pure Wonder and is the Ex COO of Fortis La Femme and the mastermind behind Mamma Mia - A Mom’s World. She set out to find solutions, only to realize that the conversation had just begun and women’s health deserved immediate attention in terms of products and a platform providing information and support.

Roopam Gupta
Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

With 10+ years of brand management experience in Marks and Spencer, Bata India, Fortis La Femme, Roopam joined Anika to compound her vision in building The Woman's Company, to impact the lives of millions of people globally.

Lovejoy Pinto
Chief Operations Officer

With over 10 years of experience in operations and supply chain management, Lovejoy Pinto is ‘the man behind the women’ at The Woman’s Company.
Lovejoy is a strong believer in health and hygiene and strives to create and curate products and services which can add value to lives globally.

Jacquelyn Burell
The Face of North America

Jacquelyn is highly accomplished in merchandising and procurement with some of the best retailers and distributors in the United States. In her most recent roles, Jackie played a lead role in overseeing the food & beverage, adult beverage, HBC and non-foods at The Food Em[porium, A & P, Bazzuto’s, Duane Reade, Walgreens, and Evolution.
Jacquelyn is extremely passionate about The Woman’s Company as a brand built by women, and the company's organic and "good for you and our earth" products.

We’ll equip you with the right information. We'll provide you with the best products. We trust that you are powerful enough to make your own wise and impactful choices.
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